Let me share with you three things that are true of radio people:

1.  50% of our wardrobes really do consist of free t-shirts:  t-shirts from Radio stations we've worked for, t-shirts given to us for participating in charity events and t-shirts from movie and record promotions.  If you are ever at a garage sale and you see more than two t-shirts with radio station logos on them, chances are very good a radio person lives there. [make sure you fumigate anything you buy]

2. Evening DJs get propositioned more than any other air-shift, usually from under-age females.  Being seduced by any of these little pixies is also known as "walking the jail-bait tightrope."

3. "Rule of the Phones": if she sounds sexy, more times than not, she isn't.  Generally, the ladies who call into Radio stations, in the hopes of luring the DJ into some kind of rendevouz, fall into one of these categories: 1) someone Richard Simmons should be praying next to, 2) Stalkers,  or 3) 14-year-old Lolitas who are fully prepared to testify in court.

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