Do you have friends who appear to be better than you are at just about everything? They appear smarter; think more deeply; and knows where to find better books to read. Spending time with these persons challenges you to become a better, more thoughtful person. Their standard of excellence spurs you on the greater things.

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This highlights a spiritual principle: It is crucial for us to spend time in God's Word so we can connect with the person of Christ. Reading about the impact of Jesus' unconditional love for us compels us to love without demand. His mercy and His free distribution of grace to the most undeserving make us ashamed of our tendency to withhold forgiveness and seek revenge.

We find ourselves becoming a more thankful person when we realize that, despite our shameful condition, the Lord has clothed us in the beauty of His perfect righteousness. His amazing ways and unsurpassed wisdom motivate and transform us. It is very hard to be content with our life as it is when in His presence we are drawn to become more like Him.

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The apostle Paul calls us to the joy of beholding Christ. As we do so, we are "being transformed into the same image from glory to glory".

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