Long before a policy of this kind was ever implemented by anyone, God spoke of His own zero-tolerance policy for gossip and slander among His people (Lev. 19:16). Idle talk that foolishly or maliciously spreads rumors or facts about another person was absolutely forbidden.

Solomon indicated that speaking harshly of others could have dangerous effects. Actually it betrays confidence (Prov. 11:13), separates close friends (16:28: 17:9), shames and saddles you with an awful reputation (25:9-10), and perpetually fuels the fires of a fight (26:20-22). People can rarely undo the damage that these untrue words have done to a neighbor or friend.

We all need to ask the Lord to help us not to engage in harmful conversations about others. He wants us all to set a guard over our mouths so that we will instead speak all the good we know about everybody.

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