1-It's 2:15 and you are still in church services  2- The collection tray has been passed around at least five times  3- There is a building fund offering, but nothing has been built in the last 50 years 4-The pastor decides that the church should stop having all the annual days [Women day, Men's day, etc]..........except Pastor's anniversary.  5-Church services is supposed to start at 10:45, you arrive at 11:30 you are in time for devotion.  6- At  every church dinner somebody always has to 'take a plate home, and they didn't bring anything.  7-It's Easter Sunday and there are no parking places and no where to sit in church. 8-Sombody wants change from the collection tray. 9-Someone complains every communion Sunday that they serve grape juice instead of wine. 10-You are sitting behind some elderly lady who is wearing the biggest, ugliest hat you have ever seen.