You Get $1 Million, But EVERY Traffic Light You Hit Would Be Red

Ok here's the scenario. You'd be given $1 Million. Who wouldn't want free money right?! $1 Million is a lot of money too, this sounds like a deal anyone would take. Here's the catch. You only get the money if every traffic light you encounter for the rest of your life would be red.

I came across a post on Reddit with this scenario and people are going in with their opinions. It looks like it'll be some of the easiest money you'd ever make right? When you really think about it, how much could you do with $1 Million? You wouldn't have to break your back to work for this money and it'll be more than you could imagine making at one time.

Upon second thought, you only get the money if, for the rest of your life, every traffic right you approached would turn red. I'm getting anxiety just thinking about that! Imagine how long it would take to make a simple grocery store run. Have you ever counted how many traffic lights there are on your daily commute? That added time to go anywhere would drive me insane.

A few of the responses made me laugh and some others were very relatable. Am I the only one that feels like I hit every red light already? Lol! One Reddit user responded that they would take the money and live with them forever red lights. "Yes. Because I am more annoyed by my poorness than driving."

I probably wouldn't take the money. The stress, frustration, and extra time I'd use trying to do simple errands would drive me crazy. I don't think it's worth it. I could spend $1 Million easily and the money would run out, but those red lights would be forever!

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