Several decades ago just about a quarter of surveyed respondents would have favored legalizing marijuana. As of this day some 23 states have legalized marijuana for recreational or medical purposes, four states have agreed to allow consumers to buy the drug for recreational use, and over half of the American public favors its legalization as reported by Gallup's and General Society Survey's latest studies.

Louisiana could become the next state to legalize medical marijuana. A fact about Louisiana is medical marijuana was legalized back in 1978 and again in 1991, but the actual laws that relate to the actual growing and distribution of marijuana were never laid out.

If the current bill (SB143) which is making its way through the Louisiana legislature passes, patients with a valid medical marijuana prescription could receive non-smoke able forms of the drug at one of the state's 10 designated dispensaries.

Louisiana Governor Jindal has indicated that he will sign the legislation the minute it reaches his desk provided that there are no" minor" issues with the legislation.