Do you have a New Year's resolution is get fit and in shape? Here's why you should consider making a commitment to run the Tuscaloosa Half Marathon or 5K on 3/5/16!

Year after year so many people announce, "this year I will get fit and stay in shape." But, as the weeks pass, that goal tends to slip away. The biggest reason, not having enough time. That's where setting a goal and making a commitment makes a big difference.

Maybe you run once in awhile or want to get started. Great! That's the first step. Now, set that goal, making sure you stick with it. I would recommend signing up for an organized race, like the Tuscaloosa Half Marathon and 5K. If you're new, the idea of running 13 miles may appear overwhelming. Then, shoot for the shorter 5K distance, which is a little over 3 miles. It's a great "break-in" race distance. If you already run, why not elevate yourself to a half marathon? Ask, why not?

One thing is for certain, you make the commitment, put in the work, and you'll experience an unforgettable rush when you cross the finish line. Especially, that first time. It will signify the new you and what you can accomplish! That simple. The registration will serve as your commitment motivator. Hey, you don't want to waste the money, right?

If you need help, or want to run with others, groups like the The Tuscaloosa Track Club meet weekly. You could get lots of pointers from other runners and make a few new friends.

Plus, any experience level can find lots of helpful tips in our weekly series called, Inside Tuscaloosa Running, CLICK HERE to see.

The Tuscaloosa Half Marathon and The Radiology Clinic 5K both happen on the same morning of March 5th. Plus, your participation will support The Kiwanis Club of Greater Tuscaloosa, ReadBAMARead and NEW for 2016, Arts ‘n Autism!

Save money by registering before the next price increase, the link is below.