An optimistic and excited Michigan State fan base turned quiet and frustrated with each passing quarter in the Cotton Bowl last Thursday night. 

The Spartans entered the College Football Playoff semifinal as the Big Ten champions with high hopes of upsetting Alabama. After a scoreless first quarter, the Crimson Tide built a 10-0 lead heading into halftime.

But the wheels seemingly fell off for the Spartans in every phase of the game as Alabama scored 21 third-quarter points before eventually winning 38-0.

The Michigan State half of AT&T Stadium had been vocal early but began heading to salvage New Year's Eve by the fourth quarter. These photos captured by Getty Images really shows how the fans were reacting to a shutout loss.

Alabama fans, which stayed around to celebrate its first College Football Playoff win, will head to Glendale for the national championship game against Clemson next Monday.

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