One of the main problems with lack of spiritual power and zeal in the church today is the seemingly total neglect of discipline. Whether we care to admit it or not, this action affects the entire nation. A very sad commentary, but there can be no denying that it truly exist. Across the length of the land there are unrepentant moral reprobates and heretics on the church rolls.

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Politicians who support the murder of unborn children, are members in good standing of some congregations. More than a million Freemasons who are yoked together with idolatrous organization in disobedience of  2 Corinthians 6,members of some church congregation. There are those who totally deny the infallible inspiration of the Holy Scripture are members of some congregations.


It is no doubt that church discipline has been abused at times, however, this is really no excuse to abandon it. Churches are commanded by God to exercise discipline toward erring members. This discipline has a two-fold purpose of bringing the sinning member to repentance and keeping the church body pure so it can be both salt and light in this world.


Any church pastor who refuses to lead their church in the exercise of discipline are in open rebellion against God and are assisting in the creation of an immoral climate that thrives in our civilization today and are essentially fulfilling 2 Timothy 4:3-4. It is a very sad situation when professing Christians are allowed to misbehave (act any old way) in the House of The Lord and are never disciplined by the Church.

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