We're only days away from our first ever 'What Women Want Expo' presented by DCH Health System!  It's coming up on Saturday between 10am and 4pm at the Bryan Conference Center.

Ladies, I believe you are going to absolutely love this event! Over 40 unique vendors are coming together with their best ready to ''wow' you. We're talking everything from cosmetics to home decorating, hair care to jewelry, fashion and more, it will be there. Plenty of unique items you won't find anywhere else, all together in one place. Plus, there will be helpful tips shared, along with demonstrations. If you're coming with the little ones, let them play in the kids zone. Bring your guys along and let them chill in the Spiller Furniture 'Man Cave.'

Now, if there are any guys who are reading this, you really should go! Sure, and I'll tell you why, it's your chance to rack up on awesome presents that she will go nuts over. Yeah, here's the prefect time to grab your wonderful woman's birthday present. Don't stop there. Go ahead and take of her Christmas present. While you are at it, a memorable anniversary gift as well. Just think, you won't have all that pressure spread out through the year on what to get. You won't have to drive all over town and stress over what to get it, it's all done in one simple stop. I don't know about you, but I like that convenience. Hey, while you're at it, this would be good time to find mom's presents too. Really, gifts for any ladies in your life. There will be such a variety of unique ideas and super helpful people to point you in the right direction. Once you wrap it all up in flash, reward yourself with time in the man cave.  Success.

Guys, if you'd rather just put it off, fine.  But, you will be sorry when Black Friday rolls around.  My proof is in the video below.

Black Friday Zombies

Click the link below to see who will be at the expo Saturday.