Donald Trump’s lead is a mystery or is it. Before I get into this I want be clear, this is a not an endorsement for Donald Trump or any candidate. In the eyes and minds of the media and Republicans it will be a disaster if Donald Trump gets the nomination.

I have never seen anything like it. Usually despite the fights, debates and personal differences the party usually always rally around their candidate. The ones that don’t are usually quiet.

Here’s a perfect case of politicians not hearing the message. Maybe Americans don’t want another politician in the oval office. Donald Trump is definitely is not the typical politician, or is he. He is doing what politicians have always refused to do. He is speaking his mind and he doesn't care if he hurts feelings or people agree. Truth and transparency is what America has been begging for. Will he be able to do all the things he has said he would do? We all know the answer to that. But it's the fact that he has the nerve to say what he wants to when he wants too is what's so fascinating to the young American population. And it looks like he's never intimidated.

The results of Super Tuesday will without a doubt send a message to Washington. Make sure you vote today. Your vote matters.

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