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So apologies in advance, but I'm a bit frustrated with this whole situation.

Ever since the beginning of this COVID pandemic, many things have been in question. One of those items is the game day experience in Tuscaloosa. For many, the Million Dollar Band is an essential part of that special experience that many wish to see. From pregame performances to songs during game day, and everything in-between, you've at least heard the MDB once during a game.

But this year, things look a lot different than initially predicted. Instead, there will be no pregame or halftime performances for the band. Also, the band can only have a select few members in the stands, 96 members are only allowed to be in the stadium. With over 400 members, and only 96 allowed, this means one thing:

Each member will get only one shot to perform this year.

And I have to ask...why? Many have argued that the entire band deserves to perform, and I 100% agree. There even was a petition started to let the entire band in!

What's weird to me is that other band programs have let their entire band programs be in the stands. For example, Texas State has socially distanced their band and they have over 300 members! Auburn also looks to have put their full band in the stands as well.


My point here is, with limited capacity in the stands for fans, why can't the MDB perform at full power? There's enough room in the student section or wherever they place the band this year.

I implore whoever has the power to change this decision to please reconsider. It's not too late to let the whole band into the stands.

Please let my cousin, Marley have the senior season she deserves.

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