If you want to look good this summer, there are some places where the people may inspire you more than others.

Facebook has come out with its list of the fittest cities in America, which it created by analyzing “fitness-related status updates, gym check-ins, use of fitness apps, and fitness-related life events added to a person's timeline” for the first three months of 2013.

It's only, ahem, fitting that the number one city would be a place with the word "beach" in it, since residents most likely want to look buff when they go to the water. Virginia Beach, Virginia has the honor of taking the top spot, edging out very non-water based Colorado Springs.

Here's a look at the 10 fittest cities in America:

1. Virginia Beach, Virginia
2. Colorado Springs, Colorado
3. Austin, Texas
4. San Antonio, Texas
5. Livingston, New Jersey
6. Portland, Oregon
7. El Paso, Texas
8. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
9. Tacoma, Washington
10. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Like a guy prepping for a marathon, Facebook also went the extra mile to point out which city is best for certain activities that can keep you in tip-top shape. Here’s a look:

Yoga: Austin, Texas
Running: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Swimming: Tucson, Arizona
Biking: Minneapolis, Minnesota
CrossFit: El Paso, Texas
Dance: Oakland, California
Triathlon: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Marathon: San Diego, California
Health Club: Wichita, Kansas

Now, go on and hit the elliptical machine and then brag about it on your next status update.

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