Will your New Year's resolutions last? If your goal is to climb the ladder of success in life in 2024, you should know that merely wistfully listing your New Year's resolutions is not going to cut it. Many goals are created but lie dormant, waiting to be checked off twelve months later, because life happens, circumstances derail us, work gets busier, and we wind up caught in it all so that we lose motivation to continue to move on. So how can you set resolutions for this year that actually stick and make a difference in your journey, for you to end the year in a better position than where you began?

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Set out to clearly define the who, what, where, and why of your goal.Getting specific about who is involved, what you desire, where and most importantly, what will drive you towards achieving your goal. It might be the case that the goal is within your capabilities but the timeframe you have set is not realistic, or you do not currently possess sufficient resources. If so, adjust the parameters accordingly.

Your next step is to define how you will track your progress and measure your success. When you set in place quantifiable metrics for your New Year's resolutions, these will not only indicate to you after you have attained your overall objective, but they will help you when you feel overwhelmed by the massive goal ahead by breaking it down into bite-size steps.

5 resolutions you will actually keep
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Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and become so optimistic and excited about the possibilities of the new year that in our festive euphoria we set goals that are unrealistic and end up discouraging our progress in the long run. Your goals should be a combination of challenging and realistic, challenging enough to push you outside your comfort zone and be remarkably different tow hat you normally do, but not so challenging that it overwhelms you or is totally beyond your capability.

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