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Tailgating is American as fake boobs and rock 'n roll. Beer, BBQ and friends make a gameday right, maybe throw in some cornhole and you have memorable day that'll wont leave your memory for years to come. But with the RONA' things have changed with the University of Alabama.

The University made this statement:

What are we gonna do without those 'Gumps' and Students on the Quad cookin' up free BBQ while I walk by dazed and slightly intoxicated - stealing a slab of ribs and some homemade Yellowhammers? Life is gonna be tough for all home games.... But don't you fret, man! There's so much other things you can do than becoming a buffoon on campus.
For one you can go to Houndstooth and try their BBQ while you sip on an ice cold beer with the boys! Or if you're a homebody like a lot people I know, maybe have a gameday party at your place and make sure to invite me, I got no plans yet.
Roll Tide.

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