The places Reddit frequently takes me are amazing.

I stumbled across this post this morning when I woke-up wide awake at the dreaded 3:00 am hour. I emailed myself the link so Scott and I could have fun with it on the air.

Billboard's website has a feature that enables the user to find out what the #1 song on the Billboard Charts on the day of your actual birth.

My birthday is March 23, 1975 Frankie Valli sat at the top of the charts with 'My Eyes Adored You' . I laughed until I saw the soundtrack of Scott Shepherd's birth was '(You're) Having My Baby' by Paul Anka (dat suit doe...) and Odia Coats (who?).  Perry's song was even more amusing. The young singer looks very pleasant, but I can't pronounce the song he sang so well in Japanese.

Here's the link for you to do your own research. Have fun at work today.