What is Inner City Poverty Tuscaloosa?

  1. It is the result of profound structural economic movement that has eroded the competitive position of the inner city, especially in the industrial sectors that traditionally supplied employment for the working poor, minorities.
  2. It is a reflection of the inadequate human capital of the labor force, which has resulted in lower productivity and inability to compete for viable  employment in sectors that pay sufficient wages.
  3. It results from the persistence of racial and gender discrimination in employment, which prevents the population realizing their full potential in the labor market.
  4. It is the product of the very complex interaction of culture and behavior  in the economy and actual labor market.
  5. It is the outcome of a lengthy, historical process of segregating poor and minority population in the inner cities that has resulted in a spatial mismatch between workers and jobs when employment found itself decentralized.
  6. It has resulted in migration processes that have removed the middle-class and successful members of the community, reducing social capital, while allowing new, poorer populations whose competition in the labor market to drive down wages and employment chances of residents.
  7. Inner-city poverty mirrors the anticipated consequence of public policy that was intended to remedy social problems but has actually worsen in some respects.
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