Prayer, I discovered, does not have to be vibrant or full of faith. It does not necessarily have to be correct. Elijah's prayer teaches us that if we just be honest with God, that will, for the moment at least, suffice. A very wise man once gave me a great piece of advice:"Pray as you can, and not as you can't."

Whenever we live under the stress that our prayers must follow a prescribed form, we can easily forget the most important part  of our prayer really isn't our contribution, instead the most important fact is that we have a loving, powerful Savior who actually listens to us with pleasure and longs to guide us into a life that is beautiful, true, and good.

God's words sustain us whenever ours get slim. And in those moments I have found that it's very true that in prayer, we search for God, but it's more true that, in prayer, God searches for us.

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