There are those among us who find themselves hating change, or so I hear.  However the change we generally resist is the kind that we think will make our lives worse rather than better. We eagerly change jobs when it means more pay and more influence. We happily move to a bigger house in a better neighborhood. So it's not change in general that we hate; it is change that involves loss, sometimes physical, other times emotional of psychological.

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Change is both inevitable and necessary. If everything stays the same, no one is growing. But we have a Savior who guides us through change and leads us to a better place. Getting these may be somewhat difficult, as it was for the Israelite's in reaching the Promised Land. They grumbled when their situation get worse rather than better (Exodus 15:24).

However, we have the example of Jesus. In less than a week, He went from being the leader of many to being abandoned by all. Because Christ willingly went through much suffering, God elevated Him to the highest place (John10:11).


Not all change is pleasant, but when we are being led to a better place by Someone who loves us, we should not grumble nor be in fear.Faith in Christ will keep us steady in the stormy sea of change.



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