People in West Blocton call Jodie Farnetti "Miss Friday Night;" the 17-year-old earned her nickname in a most remarkable way. 

On Friday, October 16, Jodie was crowned homecoming queen... wearing a football uniform... just before she kicked a field goal... in her dad's final game as the coach of West Blocton High School.

How awesome is that?

ABC News reports that Jodie had practiced for kicking the field goal and had asked the players on the team if she could join them in the October 16 game. The players gave Jodie their enthusiastic approval, and the team decided the homecoming game would take place that day.

In an awesome coincidence, Jodie was crowned homecoming queen that night. Since she'd already dressed out, she was crowned queen while wearing the West Blocton High uniform.

In the fourth quarter of the game, Jodie kicked a field goal, and after she put points on the board, she rushed over to the sidelines to hug her dad.

Watch the video of that incredible moment HERE.