Yesterday, I decided I wanted to wear my hair out. Now, I'll try all sorts of things with my hair, but I try not to put a lot of heat in it; and if I can avoid manipulating it, I will. But lately, I've been missing my own hair.

So, when I got home from work, I shampooed my hair and applied a leave-in conditioner. I then combed out my hair. My sister saw me at this point and asked if I'd blown it out. I thought that was funny because my afro was big but in no way compared to how big it would be once blow-dried. I then went to blow-dry it.

That frightened look... Yeah, it's real!


Let me tell you.... I haven't so much as combed my hair in so long I apparently forgot how much hair I have. Not only did I forget how much hair I have, but I also forgot that my daughter had gymnastics class yesterday afternoon.

So, I had to make the decision of whether I should wear it big or flat iron it. Mmmmm..... Wearing it big might be a bit too distracting. So, I started flat-ironing it. But because I was pressed for time, I did it in larger chunks than I would have preferred. Finished just in time to pin it and get my daughter and nieces to gymnastics, which didn't leave me enough time to clip my ends.

Just miserable.

So, there I was with a head full of hair and ends that needed clipping in the most major way! That was my first priority once class was over, except for the back.  I didn't want to clip what I couldn't see.  But I have to admit that I am excited about my hair's health. So, here it is!  My own hair.  (Kinda missing my red, though. It'll be back in a few weeks.)