Title town has a new title, home of the WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World! A huge accomplishment for Tuscaloosa's own Deontay 'The Bronze Bomber' Wilder! The champ was greeted by a large gathering of fans, friends and family for a parade and celebration at the amphitheater this weekend!

The impressive turnout filled the seats on a chilly Saturday afternoon to watch dignitaries address the crowd from a boxing ring stage. Mayor Maddox already named January 17th as Deontay Wilder day at the send-off party before the race. This past weekend, another honor for the champ, a key to the city.

Below see video of the Bronze Bomber entering the amp to the roar of the crowd! See him coming in and walk right towards me. Yeah, I seriously wanted to put the camera down to high five the guy. Also, to give you an idea of how many people attended, I panned through the crowd. The video moves a little fast at the end, so hold on for the ride.