Here’s a story that will make you think twice the next time you’re asked, “Paper or plastic?”

A man in Nebraska has filed a lawsuit, claiming Walmart is to blame after his wife died when a plastic bag containing items she bought in one of its stores ripped open, cut her foot and, ultimately led to her death.

Here’s the background: the cashier at Walmart put a pair of LaChoy cans and a two-pound bag of rice in a single bag for Lynette Freis. While Freis walked back to her car on that April 2010 day, the bag tore open, with one of the La Choys landing on her foot, causing a deep cut and fractured toe.

Soon, Fries was fighting an infection that neither antibiotics nor surgery could stop. She died in March 2011.

Fries’ husband, William, is now seeking $657,000, as well as unspecified money for pain and suffering. He’s suing Walmart, the plastic bag’s manufacturer and the bag’s distributor, claiming they put out a ‘defective’ product.

Walmart, meanwhile, released a statement, saying, “Customer safety is a top priority.”