(Photo credit: Janice Drew/Facebook)
(Photo credit: Janice Drew/Facebook)

Thursday evenings are when praise and worship rehearsals are held at the Impact Nation Fellowship Church; and last night a visit from a former church member and worship leader produced something few would expect.

Kevin Bennett, who attended the Impact Nation far beyond the years he was a student at Stillman College, moved to Georgia with his wife (author Rhonda Bennett) and children a few years ago. Unfortunately, the Columbus, Miss. native recently experienced a death in his family, with the passing of his father. In that Columbus is only an hour away from Tuscaloosa, being close to "home," it was quite befitting for him to stop by the rehearsal. What happened next was.... Well, Kevin doing what he does best!

(Thanks to Janice Drew for capturing this.)

Even in the midst of his pain, Kevin sings from the depth of his soul and flashes his signature smile. Just as the video ends, it is evident that this is no ordinary rehearsal and that praise and worship leaders are praising and worshiping long before they stand before the congregation for weekly services.


(This is part of the services at the Impact Nation Fellowship Church that you don't get in the Sunday morning broadcast on WTUG.)

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