Upside Down?

There are many things that interest me about Jesus. One of the things is of His ministry that has always produced jaw-dropping, head-scratching responses in His upside-down teaching about life.

As we move through life, we may get to the point where we feel that we have it all figured out and our thought patterns and responses for navigating through life are deeply embedded. Yet Jesus interrupts us in the midst of our routines and calls us to a new and better way. Beware! This encounter with the ways of Jesus will be very challenging. Consider these propositions: to live you must die (Mark 8:35); to gain you must give (Matthew 19:21); to rule you must serve (Luke 22:26); and suffering has purpose (Luke 5:10).

These pronouncements make people think Christ is strangely out of touch. However, we are the one who are out of touch. He is not upside down, we are! We are like children who feel that they know better than their parents what is best. No wonder God has told us, "My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways" (Isaiah 55:8). Rather than depending on our mixed-up, confused manner of thinking, let's ask Him to assist us reflect His ways. What may appear upside down to us is right side up to God.

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