Are you too lazy to get out of the house and shop at Target?  Or maybe you've been swamped at work and you simply don't have time to go shopping? Well, there's GREAT NEWS! Tuscaloosa's Super Target now offers same day delivery service through SHIPT. 

For a $99.00 annual fee, Shipt will deliver items from Tuscaloosa’s Super Target to your home or work. And if you don't have the $99.00 on hand right now, you can register for a free two week trial at

So, how does it work? Once you're a Shipt member, you can virtually shop the aisles of The Tuscaloosa Super Target  through the Shipt app. When you're done placing an order, a Shipt representative does the actual shopping for you. All for just 99 bucks a year! I probably spend more than that in GAS driving back and forth from my house to Taget for all the shopping I do there!

Sounds like a GREAT deal to me!

For all the details read HERE

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