I will never forget April 27 2011!  The day an F5 tornado took lives, destroyed residents and businesses.

The Tuscaloosa Salvation Army Homeless Shelter and church was one of the businesses destroyed that day, taking away a very valuable service from our community.

They have built a new facility with a full kitchen, laundry room, 73 new beds for men and women and 50 extra cots for people to sleep on.

Former Tuscaloosa Police Chief and board member Ken Swindle says he is excited to finally be able to have a facility that can help so many.

The new facility is currently housing six veterans one Veteran Larry Northam who served four years in United States Air Force told WIAT TV, “Oh I appreciate it, having three square a day and a roof over your head now that is cold again its winter time, I am just appreciative of it.

The official opening of The Salvation Army’s Homeless shelter is next Monday.

Believe it or not I had never seen a tornado before. This video was actually recorded in front of the radio station. We were very lucky as you will see near the end of this clip the tornado was very close to us.

The video below was actually recorded by a co-worker the brand manager of WFFN Monk Kinder.

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