The Tuscaloosa Police Department released details from the autopsy report of Antony Ware today; Ware died in July after evading police officers who attempted to place him under arrest.

The details of the report were posted to the Tuscaloosa Police Department's official Facebook page this afternoon:

Autopsy of Anthony Ware Completed

The Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences has completed its Report of Autopsy concerning the death of Anthony Ware.

I have spoken with the Medical Examiner, who completed the autopsy of Mr. Ware and to the Toxicologist who completed the blood analysis. The toxicologist indicated that Mr. Ware had recently consumed cocaine, methamphetamine, and alcohol. Based on their examinations and analyses, the medical examiner concluded that Mr. Ware’s death was caused by complications of drug toxicity.

It was noted that although Mr. Ware had an enlarged heart and thyroid and that these conditions would have caused greater danger to himself by ingesting these types of drugs, there was nothing revealed in the close examination of his lungs to indicate that he had asthma.

Finally, the medical examiner also indicated that Mr. Ware had a number of minor and superficial injuries to his upper extremities and a small superficial bruise to his back that likely resulted from his running through rough patches of terrain or bushes and that none of these external injuries were relevant to his death.

While this Report of Autopsy will not be released until after an independent and formal grand jury investigation, I am providing the Report of Autopsy to the Department of Justice, to follow-up the presentation to them of the previous details of this investigation in order to make sure that their information is complete.

Ware died July 11, 2015 at DCH Regional Medical Center. The Tuscaloosa Police Department's investigation into his death is ongoing.