A very clear example of God's work is illustrated in Job 28:26. This verse tells us that He rules over the rain and decrees " a path for the thunderbolt." Now, lightning has a rather impressive and terrifying power. Scientists have discovered that a single bolt can carry 100,000 volts of power. Worldwide, lightning strikes the earth 360,000 times every hour. The month of July is perhaps the most dangerous month for lightning

When lightning descends, it follows the easiest path to ground: through a tree, a tall building, or an antenna. However, it does not always follow a straight path. It can strike at an angle, even hitting where the sun is shining. Therefore, it can suddenly "appear from nowhere."

The Bible tells us that lightning surrounds God's throne (Ezek. 1:13; Rev. 8:5). The psalmist said that the Lord used lightning to bring him deliverance (Psalm 18:14). Its path is directed by God (Job 28:26). For the Christian, this "bolt from nowhere" is but additional proof of God's awesome power, and one more reason to give Him the reverence He rightfully deserves.