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Praise 93.3. & 790 WTSK salutes our Tuscaloosa Pastor of the Week Pastor Perry Walker of New Kingdom Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa. Walker is a hard-working pastor who works hard for his church and community to deliver the gospel especially during the pandemic.

Pastor Perry Walker, is a husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother and pastor. These are just a few titles that he wears daily.  He is married to his wife Mrs. Tamaya Owens. Together, we have three children, six grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.  

He currently, pastors the New Kingdom Baptist church 2915 17th St. Tuscaloosa, Al. Walker has pastored there for 17 years. Although, this may seem like a long time, ministry has been in ministry for over 39 years.  

Pastor Walker's Christian experience began as a child with his parents Alice & James Walker taking them to worship service. Church was a part of their everyday life. They attended Mt. Galilee Baptist Church of Northport, Al several times a week. While attending church he was given the task of teaching Sunday school. After teaching Sunday school along with different events in ministry; he accepted the call to preach in 1983.  

Walker's family was raised in Northport, Al, where he attended Tuscaloosa County High School. He is the 6th sibling out of nine. A bit of his popularity came from being one of the fastest runners on the track team in the 1970’s. That was a true sign of him being a Wildcat! He graduated TCHS in 1976.  

Following graduation, Walker landed a job with the City of Northport as Sanitation Driver. He remained gainfully employed with the city of Northport for 29 years until he retired.  

During his time of working at the City of Northport, he began taking classes at the Tuscaloosa Religious Center with course of study being religion. Walker successfully completed the program and received his certificate of completion.

After a few years had passed, he learned of a program offered through the Tuscaloosa Baptist Association. This program was called Tuscaloosa Bible College. Having learned the program was an extension program of Samford University, he readily enrolled. Because of his work schedule he was unable to attend classes multiple times a week. Attendance was limited, but not his drive and determination. He persevered through work, preaching, family and amongst many other things; to God be the glory, 14 years later he received his Advanced Diploma in Religious Studies. 

Following graduation of the Tuscaloosa Bible college program of Samford University extension program, Pastor Walker was later featured in The Alabama Baptist Newsletter vol. 169 No.41. This was a huge accomplishment for him. Although, this was huge, his greatest accomplishment is seeing souls saved.  

New Kingdom Baptist Church service are Sundays at 10 a.m. However, you can also find them on Facebook, hosting his spiritual nuggets. This part of ministry was created by him and Associate Minister Phillip Samuel. This was created to uplift individuals during the pandemic but was such a big hit that they continued thereafter.  

Pastor Perry Walker is humble and grateful to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the things he’s done and will continuously doing in his life.

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