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Praise 93.3. & 790 WTSK presents our Tuscaloosa Pastor of the Week Pastor Adrian Knox, senior pastor of Zion Church in Marion, Alabama.

Pastor Adrian Knox is a beacon of faith and leadership in the community, guided by the principles of love, service, and spiritual education. Born to Walter "Buddy" Knox and the late Jeanette Caddell, Pastor Knox has been a testament to the strength and resilience instilled in him from a young age. Married to Calandria Knox since July 31, 2010, he often shares that every day with his wife is a divine blessing, an experience filled with unfathomable joy and companionship. Their partnership extends beyond their marital vows into their shared ministry, where together, they have served as Marriage Pastors at Daystar Family Church under Pastor Scott Schatzline in 2019, showcasing their commitment to nurturing love and understanding within the Christian community.

Pastor Knox's ministry journey is marked by significant milestones that highlight his dedication and service to God's work. Licensed in 2009 and ordained in 2011 by the late Bishop Earnest L. Palmer at Cornerstone Full Gospel Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, AL, Pastor Knox has since taken on roles that reflect his deep commitment to his faith and community. His ordination led him to become a member of the College of Elders in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International by July 2016, showcasing his leadership and dedication to the spiritual growth of his congregation.

Since November 7, 2021, he has served as the Senior Pastor of Zion Church in Marion, Alabama, a church with a rich history and pivotal role in the civil rights movement. Under his guidance, Zion Church continues to be a beacon of hope and faith, engaging in community service and spiritual education through initiatives like Zion University and weekly Wednesday Morning Prayer sessions.

Beyond his pastoral duties, Pastor Knox actively contributes to his community as a board member for Project Grace of Central Alabama and Wise Hands, demonstrating his commitment to service and support for those in need. His pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, reflects his lifelong commitment to learning and applying psychological principles to enhance his ministry and counseling abilities. As a spiritual son of Bishop Jonathan L. Woods, Sr., and a member of Goshen Lodge 132 in Marion, Alabama, Pastor Knox's journey is one of continuous growth, love, and dedication to serving God and his people.

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