While on vacation last week, I did a bit of reflection over the past year.  My primary focus was on whether or not I'd used my resources wisely or if I'd been wasteful.  I discovered one area where I was wasteful and decided to fix it.

Insurance comes out of EVERY check I'm paid, and I haven't been to the eye doctor in two years.  I QUICKLY called and made an appointment before the end of the year!  What?  I don't get paid for hours I don't work. So, why pay for something I don't use.  (Disclaimer: Here comes the Ebonics) Oh, you gone give me ME!  The total of what I pay for eye insurance is less than $100 for the year, but guess what..... I paid it! So, I'mma use it!

Do you know how much money is thrown away every year by paying insurance you don't use?  Granted, we all hope to never need to use our car or home insurance, but it's always good to have just in case.  But health, vision, and dental insurance?  USE 'EM! Even if it's for preventive care.

When I made my appointment, the receptionist told me that they are SLAMMED because of the number of people who realized they hadn't used their insurance and wanted to get it in before the year ends.  Smart people (myself included, of course)!