Tuscaloosa Kids Enjoy PARA DJ Summer Camp

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of teaching a DJ summer camp with PARA kids. We had so much fun and the kids made my heart melt!

PARA Kids held a few special summer camps exposing community children to the arts, history, STEM, and so much more. I was honored to be one of the instructors this summer as I taught the kids a little bit about what I do as a DJ. From the moment I began setting up the equipment, the kids were intrigued. "Is this real DJ stuff?" Lol! I couldn't blame them. I recall the first time I saw DJ equipment up close and it wasn't a young age.

The campers started by creating their own DJ name and created their own DJ logo. they were so interested in hearing my own DJ drop and seeing me DJ. It wasn't long before they demanded a dance party to loosen up some more. IF you know anything about The Big Dawg DreDay, you know I will never turn down the opportunity to make people dance! After a quick dance party, it was time to let the campers have a try at being a DJ.

This was big for me because I never let anyone touch my equipment. The kids were shocked that I would allow them to touch it and their faces were priceless. The pure excitement on their faces as they touch the records touched my heart. I even let them use the new DJ technology I have that allows them to pick up the record and DJ while the record is in mid-air! I know that's hard to explain and visualize so here's a quick video of what it looks like.


I absolutely loved every second of the DJ camp. I'm grateful to Casie from PARA for allowing me to come in and have fun with the campers. Shout out to all of the campers became DJ's this week. DJ Biggie, DJ Fancy Nancy, and so many other cool DJ's! I'm glad you all had fun! Until next time!

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