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In the midst of a challenging year, the significance of food as a unifying force has never been more apparent. Despite the obstacles, one church in Tuscaloosa has ingeniously devised a way to foster holiday cheer by nourishing the local community. The First Community Church of Tuscaloosa is set to host a Pre-Christmas Dinner that extends a warm invitation to the entire community.

Drawing inspiration from the concept of "love feasts" mentioned in the Bible, where churches come together to celebrate and engage with the community through shared meals, this event aims to bring people closer through the joys of food, camaraderie, and fellowship. Recognizing the challenges posed by the pandemic, the gathering acknowledges the inability to convene in one location for a communal feast. Nevertheless, the spirit of giving prevails, and the church is committed to addressing the needs of the hungry.

The First Community Church has a longstanding tradition of being a guiding light in the community, extending assistance to its members through provisions of food and other resources, a legacy that began with the late Pastor Henry Green and continues under the leadership of Pastor Darrell Gordon.

Scheduled for Saturday, December 23, 2023, from 12pm to 3pm, the Pre-Christmas Dinner will take place at 1716 T.Y. Rogers Jr. Ave in Tuscaloosa. Attendees are invited to join the celebration free of charge, with the option to either walk in or utilize the convenient drive-thru service to receive a special holiday plate.

Catered by First Community Church and the event is generously sponsored by Publix Supermarkets. Those looking to partake in the festivities and savor comforting holiday fare are encouraged to visit and secure their plates at this heartwarming event.

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