This former gas station/ convience store, sits at one of the busiest intersections in the city, McFarland and 15th Street, The building was damaged in the April 27th 2011 tornado and remains vacant to this day. So why does it remain standing?

The Tuscaloosa News wrote an article on this which you can read HERE

The jist of the reason is this: The owner of the property, Charles Wyatt, doesn't feel that the City Of Tuscaloosa is offering him what it's worth.....they have to pay him what is "fair market price", and he doesn't believe that they're even close. It is after all a "Prime Real Estate Lot".  He believes that the City is trying to take it from him and not offer "fair market value".  So, he's refusing and standing his ground......Good for him.

The City disagrees with Mr. Wyatt, and this is why the building still stands.

Will this ever be resolved? Who knows? It's been in this state of disrepair for almost 6 1/2 years. But what will become of the property WHEN both sides finally come to an agreement? What do YOU think should be done with the property?

My Suggestion: I say we should turn this into a LONG JOHN SILVER'S!  It's LUNCHTIME and I'm CRAVING a 3 Piece Chicken, 2 Piece Fish meal right now! C'mon Tuscaloosa! Let's make it happen!


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