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Dr. Ramesh Peramsetty revealed in a statement that he had lost a member of his team to Covid-19. Dr. Peramsetty said “I'm so saddened that I lost one of my best employees to COVID-19  in this terrible pandemic.  Close to 50 of my employees were infected with COVID, while they were testing or treating COVID patients. May her wonderful soul rest in peace. Please pray for her family.”

Dr. Peramsetty reported that as of yesterday Tuscaloosa had a total number of 31,248 Covid cases, with an increase of 79, and a total of 487 confirmed deaths. An average of 153 cases per day was reported in Tuscaloosa County, a 96% increase from the average two weeks ago.  DCH has 162 Covid inpatients, with 39 patients in the ICU, among them 31 are on ventilators.

People should be aware that the current Covid vaccine lasts at least six months after the initial vaccination, likely even longer. Vaccine experts have said protection from the current Covid-19 vaccines is expected to wane slightly over time. Meanwhile, the Delta variant is expected to chip away slightly at overall vaccine effectiveness.
So far vaccines are still holding up well, according to Dr. Peramsetty.

So, what is in the vaccine? Pfizer and Moderna are mRNA, vaccines, which means they contain mRNA, triggering an immune response. This causes our bodies to make antibodies that protect us from getting infected with COVID-19. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is made up of a modified and completely harmless version of a different virus, which triggers an immune response and causes the production of

As far as vaccines go, Dr. P said the ingredients for these two vaccines are as simple as you can get. There is nothing new in these vaccines. They are completely safe and effective. Everyone eligible should get vaccinated according to Dr. Peramsetty.

Dr. Peramsetty now offers monoclonal treatment for those infected with COVID-19 at his clinics on a walk-in basis. This treatment has greatly reduced the severity of the virus.

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Listen to Q & A with Dr. Peramsetty HERE.

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