Lock your car doors! Tuscaloosa Police are reporting an increase in auto break-ins and thefts, and are asking residents to "Lock It or Lose It', and a new crime prevention campaign.

Authorities report that there were 54 vehicle break-ins in Tuscaloosa between Feb. 10 and Feb. 23.  Police say that 37 of the vehicles were unlocked Items stolen included purses, electronics and guns.

Tuscaloosa Police Department Spokeswoman Lt. Teena Richardson said, "Due to the overwhelming increase of auto burglaries and vehicle thefts, Tuscaloosa Police Department is reaching out to the citizens of the city of Tuscaloosa asking that you take the care and the time to secure your vehicles". She also added, "Tuscaloosa Police Department is employing everyone to secure your vehicles and your belongings. By removing all valuables from view, removing your keys and locking your doors; these types of crimes are preventable"

Therefore, to help keep your valuables intact, remember to "Lock It Or Lose It".

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