Tuscaloosa concert goers should be experiencing shorter waiting lines than what they've been accustomed to because new walk-through metal detectors are now in place at The Tuscaloosa Amphitheater. This is a change from the handheld metal detecting wands that the Amp staff has been using at previous concerts.

Tuscaloosa Police Lt. Chris James, who also oversees security at various city facilities said, “It’s going to give people a better experience. It’s less invasive than the hand-held metal detectors and it will get them through the doors more efficiently”. James also added, “We just want the people who come to concerts here to not have to worry about anything other than enjoying a concert, that’s why this place is here. Anything we can do to continue to make it safe and worry-free, we’re going to do it.”

However, concert goers still need to know that guns aren’t allowed on any city property, (including The Tuscaloosa Amphitheater), regardless of whether the owner has a permit.

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