June 4th is National Gun Violence Awareness Day. The Tuscaloosa branch of the NAACP and partner organizations observed this day in Snow Hinton Park.

2021 seems to be a year of high gun violence in Tuscaloosa. Two of the most recent killings have really rattled our community and all seem to be happening with young people. On June 4, 2021, the Tuscaloosa branch of the NAACP observed National Gun Violence Awareness Day at a conference at Snow Hinton Park.

The rally featured Tuscaloosa NAACP President Lisa Young, elected officials, members of the media, and the community as well. We were all encouraged to wear orange for the conference.

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During the event, I was made aware of an alarming statistic. I had no idea there were 10 people killed in Tuscaloosa this year alone as a result of gun violence. I can't imagine the pain and hurt the family members feel when they find out they've lost their loved ones. That's something I don't think a lot of folks think about the violence happens. These are uncles, sons, brothers, husbands, wives, sisters, daughters, mothers, and fathers who are being ripped away from their families forever.

During the conference, the 10 lives lost to gun violence were honored with a symbolic orange balloon release. It was absolutely beautiful.

DreDay, Townsquare Media


Just before the balloon release, members in attendance had a chance to speak and the crowd ended up surround all young people in attendance for prayer. Symbolic for covering the younger generation during this tragic time.


DreDay, Townsquare Media

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