For many parents, choosing which college their child will attend is an issue that must be viewed from a variety of perspectives, including distance from home, distance from those who might be able to respond quickly in times of emergency, and finances.  Well, some colleges are now making the financial issue a bit easier.

Perspective students are often told to choose a college within their own state in effort of avoiding out-of-state tuition fees; but now, the University System of Georgia Board of Regents has approved the development of a new Border Resident Waiver for students from Alabama, Florida, and South Carolina. This waiver can be offered by select University System institutions deemed to have capacity. The College of Coastal Georgia is one of the 10 state schools eligible to participate in the program.

According to Dr. Greg Aloia, President of the College of Coastal Georgia, this provides the institution additional opportunities to serve as a college of choice, for at least the next three academic years, as permission granted to award the border state resident waiver will then expire; but eligible applicants, once approved to receive the waiver, may continue to receive the waiver until completion of their degree as long as they remain continuously enrolled. The waiver establishes tuition at the more favorable in-state rate

.Clayton Daniels, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management at Coastal Georgia says, “Out-of-state tuition is almost quadruple the in-state rate for full-time students....Now students from Florida, South Carolina and Alabama can attend for the same cost as an in-state resident. This will be a wonderful opportunity for students and the College.”