Hate it when dog owners don’t clean up after their pets? A solution may be on the way.

The small town of Brunete, Spain has come up with an innovative way to make sure owners do take the poop and get rid of it.

Over a one-week period in February, 20 volunteers went undercover looking for owners who didn’t bother to remove dog excrement. They walked up to the owners and began a conversation where they learned the name of the pup. Then, they were able to figure out the owner’s name by looking at a registered pet database in town hall.

The waste was then mailed in a box with the town insignia on it to the owner’s home.

A total of 147 packages were mailed and the stink caused by the matter definitely had an impact. Since then, there’s been a 70% decrease in the amount of dog poop left on the streets.

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