Top Picks On Disney+  

I've been a huge Netflix fan for the last 5 years. There was never a time where I'd log on and not be able to find something interesting to watch. I was never interested in using Disney+ until now.

My wife bought a month trial to Disney+ and the first thing we watched was Hamilton. Of course, we loved it! If you haven't seen my thoughts on Hamilton you have to check it out here! 

After watching Hamilton, we became hooked on Disney+. The options were refreshing and we got to reminisce on old shows and movies from back in the day. I grew up watching Disney's original movies and shows. To see some of my favorites as options were so fulfilling. I literally come home excited knowing I can watch any of my favorite Disney movies on Disney+.

Since I'm new to Disney+, I figured I could give a quick list of my favorite things to watch so far. Let me warn you, a lot of my favorites are old shows or movies. We can officially call them classics. Life would definitely not be that same without these shows and movies that are on my list. Here are my top picks on Disney+.

Top Disney+ Picks

I'm sure there are so many other titles on Disney+ that I haven't even discovered yet. I can add them to the list later. If you're on disney+ like me, hit me up and let me know what some of your favorites are! I'd love to hear your suggestions.

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