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Since churches has opened in-person worship, people have come back into the sanctuary. However, proper etiquette is required in the church setting to respect the church building, members and God himself. In today's modern church, sometimes it seems anything goes and that should not be.

Recently, I asked some of my Facebook friends and close friends to ring in on some of the rudest things they’ve witnessed during Sunday morning worship services. The responses are very troubling and show a sign of the times we live in and sadly the Word of God being preached is no longer respected.

Eating in Church. No one should eat in the church sanctuary unless you are freshening your breath with a mint or eating something if you blood sugar issues. However, when you start eating a whole meal in the church service that is totally wrong. If you need to feed your child or need the eat step outside of the sanctuary and go to your car or fellowship hall. The only meal should be the sermon which is spiritual food or Holy Communion. Paul sums it up in the Bible saying: "Do you not have houses to eat and drink in?" (1 Cor. 11:22). No chewing gum too.

Lusting in Church. Church is a great way to meet your future spouse. However, staring and lusting after people in church is not appropriate. Women these days need to watch their outfits as it can make the men look extra than they should. Men should not look at women as meat or objects of desire during the service. Church is a holy place.

Sleeping during Church. Get proper rest at home before church. Do not sleep during the message even if it is boring. People have even taken off their shoes and snore in church and do it loudly. Go home and go to bed. Babies are the exception. Also do not allow babies to cry loudly as well, take them to the nursery or outside.

Phones in church. Do not text or answer phones in church. Turn your ringer off before entering the sanctuary. If you have an emergency step out and text and take the calls. Also do not record people during prayer and deliverance services as well. Do not play apps or video games on your phone as well.

Moving In Church. People, please stop constantly getting up and leaving the auditorium, presumably to use the restroom. Use the bathroom before or after service unless you have a bladder issue. And don't keep walking out of a service early, especially during a prayer.

I have some other things people do in church below that I will list too below.

  • Not showing up at all because you find out the senior pastor isn’t preaching
  • Asking for change in the offering
  • Treating those less fortunate like they don’t belong there
  • Being nasty to visitors
  • Constantly looking at their phone or watch
  • Mocking the way someone worships and shouts
  • Making fun of people singing on the platform
  • Passing notes back and forth
  • Talking across pews
  • Leaving candy and peppermint wrappers everywhere
  • Talking with bad breath
  • Allowing children to be unruly and out of control

In church, we need to leave out all the distractions and just focus on the Lord and be respectful of the people. Members should be an example to visitors and those seeking God.

Alberta City 1999

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