Tips To Help Alabamians Make Life Changes 

There are so many people who want 2021 to be "better than 2020." I'm actually one of those people. What I've learned is that nothing will just magically happen.

Almost every year we make new year resolutions and most of the time, we don't stick to them. Is it because we don't want them to happen? Is it because we're lazy? Were they just not meant to be?

Although I think the answer to some of those questions could be yes, I don't think it's the final answer. I think that people don't follow through with lifestyle changes because they don't have a vision of where and how they'll do it.

I remember going into 2016, I didn't want to make a new years resolution that I wouldn't complete. I kept it simple and just created one goal for the year. It was to try something I've always wanted to do and take it seriously. For me, it was learning to be a DJ. when I tell that story today, people are shocked that I only started being a DJ 4 years ago. I was very nervous, and of course, didn't want to fail.

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As I start my 2021 year, I want to have that same mindset from 2016. Have one major goal and accomplish that. It sounds easy, but let me assure you that it isn't.

In trying to help you, and myself accomplish our new goals, I've got a few tips that will help us get to that end goal for the year. Here are my tips for following through on life changes.

Tips For Following Through On Life Changes


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