Why does coverage of the NCAA Basketball Tournament make me want to take a baseball bat to my television? Sure, I'm sleep deprived, but that's not why I am screaming at local sports reports like a crazy person. 

Several second and third round games of this year's Third Month Basketball Bacchanal (the other name is trademarked, y'all) are being held in at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Kentucky. If I hear someone mispronounce this city's name one more time, it's going to GET REAL.

I lived in the Bluegrass state and can attest to the fact that Louisville is pronounced thusly: LUHVUHL. It's one syllable: LUHVUHL. I am not hearing any of this LEWIS-ville or LOOEY-ville mess. Please refer to the video above and GET IT RIGHT.

After all, would you want to hear someone refer to the City of Champions as TOO-skay-lew-say?


No, you do not.