Prepare yourself. An Alabama linebacker has THE MOST yee-yee truck you will ever be blessed to see in this or any lifetime. It is truly a thing of beauty, y'all.

The jacked up Ford in the video above belongs to Alabama's own Landon Dickerson, the lineman who wears #69 (nice). I CANNOT get over how incredible this is.

And the fact that the video was shared to social media by Najee Harris? I could not have any more love in my heart for them both.

Alabama v Texas A&M
I stan this bromance. (Getty Images)

Please, watch the video again. Dude's bumper is literally a huge block of wood with a Bama logo in the center. I adore everything about it.

There may be some of you who want to throw some smoke at me for stating Landon's ride is yee-yee and not yee-haw but hear me out, okay?

Yes, the lift kit and wooden bumper scream yee-HAW, but the detailing on this ride is what makes it yee-YEE.

Landon's ride has major yee-yee vibes, and it is, again, a thing of beauty.

Roll Tide, y'all!

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