There are billions and billions of people awaiting Jesus Christ's return to establish the Kingdom of God. However, none know how Jesus will accomplish this. I have a feeling that this feat will not occur as most expect. Let's take into consideration the world that we find ourselves in today.

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Advances in technology and industry have never been greater. Material prosperity exists for millions across the Western Hemisphere. Have you given any thought to the millions of other people on earth who have little or nothing? What about the rapid decline in values, morals, and character once believed to be the most vital underpinnings of any society?

In my reading, I learned that Jesus's "Second Coming" is essential to Christianity. Some billions are waiting for this event. Scoffers just simply deny it altogether. However, those who know anything about God's Word know Jesus is returning soon. Every indicator suggests His Coming cannot be too far away. The Bible speaks quite extensively about how Jesus will establish the Kingdom of God, sometimes called the Kingdom of Heaven. The belief is that Jesus will return to Earth in Jerusalem. The establishment of the Kingdom of God is our only central focus.


No true Christian doubts that Christ is coming. But nobody has explained how He will come, when He is coming, where He will arrive, why He must come, and how He will finally set up His Kingdom in spite of the beliefs of many, no one really knows.

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