Economists surveyed by FactSet say they believe the economy gained 230,000 jobs in January and that the unemployment rate will stay at a six-year low of 5.6 percent. The Labor Department releases the official government figures this morning.

President Obama will visit Indiana today, where he hopes to convince people not to see red over his free community college plan, which is part of a proposed budget that increases taxes on the wealthy and aims to boost the middle class.

Alabama has sworn in its first new state trooper class since 2010, adding 21 officers who finished classes at a state training center in Selma.

This afternoon, Gov. Bentley will address an annual medical scholars gathering at the University of Alabama.

The sixth teen sought in a recent crime spree, 18-year-old Tyler Davis, has been apprehended. He too faces charges of attempted murder, burglary, kidnapping, and robbery.

At the National Prayer Breakfast yesterday, President Obama is said to have spoken out against Islamic State, which he described as a "death cult," while condemning those who seek to use religion as a rationale for carrying out violence. The president declared that "no god condones terror."

Prosecutors are fighting indicted House Speaker Mike Hubbard's effort to view their phone records with legislators and the media, saying it is a baseless fishing expedition by the defense to support a claim of prosecutorial misconduct. Hubbard faces 23 felony ethics counts accusing him of using his public offices for personal gain. He has pleaded not guilty.

The task force created by Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox to look into student-based complexes has met its goal of slowing the growth of such developments in the city. It is said that there are no apartments planned for development two years from now.