The relentless ticking of the clock reminds me that our time on earth is limited. Despite the joys and pains of life, time always moves on. For the believer, our time on this earth is an opportunity to gain wisdom. The psalmist writes, "Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom " (Psalm 90:12 ).

One way of numbering your days is to ask ourselves these questions: How can I become more like Christ? Am I reading the Word regularly? Am I devoting time to prayer? Am I meeting together with other believers? The way you answer these questions is a strong indicator of the progress you are making in gaining wisdom and becoming more like Christ.

No matter the phase of life, childhood, youth, middle age, or our senior years, life always affords us the opportunity to grow in faith and wisdom. Numbering our days is the wise response to life's inevitable progress. How are you progressing on your journey? Don't spend your time, invest it.



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