It was again rewarding to witness the large number of concerned citizens who attended the Tuscaloosa City Board of Education meeting on last evening. The voices of the citizens again rang out loudly as there continues to be opposition to parts of the Strategic Plan, particularly in the area of Instruction.

There were revisions to the original plan that were presented and discussed at the meeting. The revisions are as follows:

  1. Research Best Practices on Class Sizes; Develop Matrix
  2. Choice as it currently exists
  3. Extended Year not Part of Recommendation
  4. Lottery to Continue at University Place
  5. Middle School Reform Initiative via Middle School Concept
  6. No West Elementary School/Renovation at Elementary Schools
  7. UPFS Attendance Zone Expanded to along 10th Street to I-359

As you can readily see, there are some items that were removed from the original plan. I am sure this was done in an effort to make the Plan more agreeable to those who have repeatedly opposed said plan. If you really dig down deep to the bottom and trace the "money" trail, it will become clear to anyone that you have a case of Construction being more important than the Instruction of the students.